Friday, November 18, 2005


When we got married, we had no idea what a big deal it would become that I am a night person and Renn is a morning person. I can be flexible, I can do mornings when it's necessary, but Renn, well 10 minutes after the Sun finishes going down, he starts doing the violent head nod of a sleepy little boy. This isn't so much of an issue in the summer, but last night he started to fall asleep before 8 pm, and I had just gotten started.

I came home and he had made cheese enchiladas for dinner since he was home first and I had a nasty commute home. Then he studied for 1/2 hour while I did the dishes and then he wanted to watch "Microcosmos" since he'd gotten it from Netflix. I started another candle and worked on cards. Within the first 10 minutes of the movie, he was completely zonked out. I poked him occasionally and made loud comments, but I could tell he wouldn't remember a thing in the morning. I let him sleep until it was over, then he rewatched the "two parts he missed" (ha ha ) and I sent him to bed while I finished up and cleaned up my mess. Okay, actually I just consolidated my mess so it fit in one corner of the living room.

Sometimes I really wish he could stay awake so I could enjoy his company during the sparse hours when I'm actually home. I can't help feeling that it's a willpower issue, I've seen him stay up quite late for X-box parties and even when we were dating, but now it's not even an option. If it's just the two of us at home, he practically passes out right after my most productive hours have started. It can be kind of lonely.
Usually, as was the case last night, I cave between 10 and 12 and go to bed even though I still have a productive buzz in my head. Then I lay in bed for at least 20 minutes, sometimes over an hour, and try to fall asleep. I've never been very good at falling asleep, even as a little kid I would lay in bed for ages before I could fall asleep. So then in the mornings Renn gets the pleasure of dragging me out of bed before he heads to school. I think I get my best sleep from 4am to 8am, and this a problem when I have to be up by 6:30 every morning. Rats.

Anyway, we've got to find a good time of day to have deep and meaningful conversations, to pray together and read scriptures, to discuss finances and future goals, but by the time I get to it all, he's out cold. What's a girl to do?
I guess I just keep attacking my to do list, and keep my ears peaked for opportune moments. Either that or I find a way to wake up at 5 every morning, yuck yuck yuck.

Renn is going to buy lumber and nails tonight for framing the basement. That's a happy exciting productive-type thought. However, there is still no camera. In fact nothing that's supposed to be shipped to me has arrived yet, and I'm getting antsy (comes with the anxiety problem I guess). I've got at least 3 Christmas presents for family plus the camera that should all have arrived by now.

Well, at least it is Friday, and we have a dinner date with Renn's friend Jim. We haven't seen him since his wedding in August, so it should be a nice evening, unless Renn passes out mid-sentence (he's done that before).

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