Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Virtues of Procrastination

I'm already not very good at this, I erased the entire thing once. Never been a technically gifted Child.

But I've been a blog reader for a long time. I love being able to find out how someone is doing without actually contacting them and waiting for a personal response. It saves so many steps, and I so like to keep track of people I care about. (My husband says I care about way too many people, but I'm not about to stop)

For those who have lost track of us or never had track of us in the first place...
I married Renn in January 2004, shortly after finishing my Bachelor's degree in Film and Television production and theory (complicated multi-faceted program)
After a couple of months of trying to make ends meet with the contract work I was able to get, I broke down and got a desk job for the sake of a steady income and health benefits (I work for a shipping company, it's the job I do not love but do not hate). Renn is wrapping up his undergraduate work (I think he's a 7 year senior by now) and has just applied to Dental School. So far he has had interviews with the University of Iowa and with Temple University.

We are, as of yet, childless, but contrary to popular assumption this is not entirely by choice. We'll make a grand old announcement of it if this ever changes. In the meantime we have 4 fabulous nieces that we love to pieces.

We are undertaking the insane endeavor of finishing my parent's basement in 2 months, moving in for a few months, and then moving on. The basement has to be finished anyway (a long story, another day) and if we can get it finished that early, Renn and I can get some free rent out of it, and money is unfortunately an ever-present issue for us. Why didn't I go into engineering? Oh yeah - I didn't want to, I still don't want to, but the money would be nice.

So, my ever ambitious and unrealistic to-do list is expanding to include Christmas cards, Christmas presents (all to be finished before December mind you) and unpacking Christmas decorations at the same time I am packing up everything else I own. That's my mad mad mad mad world.

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