Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Season of Give and Take

Today was my much anticipated Work Christmas Party. I'm not sure it's anticipated for all the right reasons (it's a gift card raffle disguised as a business party) but there was a pretty good turnout and what do you know? EVERYONE was sick! Well, if not everyone then at least an alarming proportion of those present. But everyone was there, all drugged up and smiling while sniffling, it was quite humorous actually. It's interesting to see one's coworkers in a non-work setting. Primarily it's interesting to see how differently all those single guys behave when they have dates with them. But generally a good time was had by all and if the purpose of the event was to improve interoffice goodwill, it probably worked.

The moment the official program ended and the mingling portion began, Renn and I and about half of those present made a mad dash for the door. It appeared we were all longing to get back into our PJ's and snuggle up with a box of Kleenex for the remainder of the day. Or maybe we were just being polite and trying to limit the germ exposure for those who weren't already sick. Either way it was funny.

After I successfully made it back into my PJ's Renn headed back to Basementville to do some more drywalling. Here is a photo of him deserving a cookie and a kiss.

He's been working so hard on getting this finished, it just makes me feel all grateful and mushy inside. Being married is fantastic (and very hard - but in a good way).

Hopefully I have hit the bottom of the sick pit and will begin to bounce back now! (Hope Renn doesn't get it, or at least that he does better than I have once he does get it).

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