Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Helium for the day

Okay Okay, I'm tired of being icky sick negative whiney pregnant lady. Everything I write is just dripping with self-pity, and I'm ready to stop.


Here's my happy thoughts. (warning, some are slightly gross, but none would phase a mommy)

The Nectarines I bought at Albertson's Yesterday (from Chile) were perfect and sublime, and they stayed down.

My urine has not been as cloudy or as chartreuse as it was before, meaning I'm not as dehydrated.

I've stopped trying to wear non-maternity pants with rubber bands and am much much more comfortable (even if I have baggy bum-ness going on, it's worth it)

I ate a twinkie yesterday - - the first time in probably 10 years, and I liked it.

My husband emailed me a winter storm warning (he's a weather junkie), which I forwarded to the whole office and mysteriously got a lot of thanks for. (Nevermind the part where I might be driving home in 6 inches of snow today)

I've decided to break the "news" to my department in a meeting today (as if they couldn't already tell from the baggy bum pants) and so they will all forgive me for being snappy the last few weeks (months).

We rented a storage unit so I feel considerably better about the potential for not having an uber-cluttered room once we complete our move into my parents' basement.

I finally got my husband to hold still long enough for me to express my multitude of less-than-logical concerns about said move and he calmed me down considerably. After all, we're re-keying the locks.

4 Separate books arrived for me yesterday, how could anyone not be cheered up by that? (Don't we all love getting real mail, and packages especially?) My favorite was one of the Toot & Puddle books by Holly Hobbie. I love those.

I started reading Couplehood, as recommended by the Wiz (see previous post) and even though it's not exactly a narrative, it did provide me with renewed internal humor and insight, especially regarding the section on the shower predicament, which is a huge issue at our house.

I think I can feel my uterus when I rub my belly.

I got a pat on the back for being a good phone answer-er this morning. At least for doing my darndest to always be available to answer phones.

I don't think there is anybody in the world who dislikes me enough to do anything about it....

I have successfully put down my foot and at least some of my end of year bonus will be spent on something tangible and aesthetically rewarding. (Even if it is baby furniture)

Did I mention that my husband was home at almost the same time as me last night and I actually got to spend some time with him and it left me feeling considerably less lonely and overwhelmed than I was before?

I made dinner last night! Okay so it was hamburger helper and it turned out pretty gross and we hardly ate any of it... which is pathetic if you know how I liked to cook before... but it's such a step up!

I'm not yet living where I need a laundromat!

My new primary class loves me (even if they love my husband more... seems like most kids do)

I know I'm going to be okay... Always good news

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