Monday, January 23, 2006

Me and my perpetual haze

Good news - I made it though the entire weekend without puking (if you don't count Friday). It was really quite remarkable and Renn was getting genuinely excited. I had no more energy than before, but things were still looking up.
(The bad news is that I already puked this morning.... I looked up to see Mr. Renn's fallen face and that made it so much worse)
So far living in my parent's basement has not been so bad. I think I was seized with paranoia for a while, but to their credit everyone has made a great effort to respect our privacy and to be quiet-ish late at night. The only real problem has been that Renn gets so cold at night he can't sleep. My built-in heating system must be working already, I have no problem.
So I'm quickly adjusting and I'm grateful for it. My little sister (who is 10) wants to tuck me into bed every night and read me a bed-time story, and so far that hasn't caused any conflict of interest and has actually been quite nice. I think pregnant people like to be taken care of, and now I have a houseful of willing care-takers (minus my brother the Disaster, but we haven't had a direct conflict with him yet).
At church I teach the 8 year olds (turning 9). We had a lesson on Adam and Eve yesterday and I got bombarded with questions about dinosaurs. Isn't life interesting? But I love teaching primary!

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