Monday, January 30, 2006

Romance and Mice

Well there is at least 1 mouse living in my Parents' basement. We know because it woke us up 3 times last night. There are any possible number of food sources for mice - from the food storage room to the dog food in bowls on the floor, so it's not neccesarily a matter of how sanitary the house is. But, because our sleep is precious to us, the mouse (mice) must be caught. I haven't got the constitution for trapping or killing anything with fur, so this task is falling to Renn. He is just thrilled to pieces at the prospect of challenging these mice (mouse) to a battle of wits. As we all know, Renn's brain is much larger than that of a mouse, and probably even larger than the combined brains of however many mice there may be. So he's feeling pretty good about his odds, besides all he has at stake is the quality of his sleep, while the mice (unbenownst to them) have their very lives at stake. It'll be like a giant game of Risk right in my parents' basement. I can condone this, as long as I never have to actually see or hear (or smell) any dead or trapped mice.

Next tangent... Is it just me or are there a disproportionate quantity of romantic comedies that take place in New York City? I can appreciate the romance of a big city quite well, I'm fond of them generally. But it does seem a bit ... unrepresentative. I'm sure it contributes to the complex the rest of the world has of Americans. "You're from America? Do you live in New York or Los Angeles?" My friend Kimball got that question just about every time she met someone new in Japan, or so she tells me.

Just some thoughts from my unusual head.


hairyshoefairy said...

EEEWW! Mice gross me out! I don't handle them well. When we lived in university housing we caught (or rather my hubby caught) 4. Some were even on our counter top!! I couldn't handle it. Dan found where they were coming from and blocked their path so we had no more. However, when we moved into my in-laws basement, we too had mice. I saw them run from one side of the room to the other and screamed every time. My DH being the good man he is always took care of it and turned it in to a game. Disgusting, I know. I never looked at them or went anywhere near where I thought they might be. I'm just a big chicken. My hubby thought it was just really cool and kept a tally of how many and where they were caught. It's really quite appalling to me. Yet another reasons we have husbands, isn't it?

Em said...

We also had mice last winter in our 1920's house. Even though Renn was in charge of catching them, I still stumbled across "caught" mice twice - one in a death trap and one in a sticky live trap. Both were horrifically traumatic experiences. I now insist he sets the traps where I have no chance of stumbling across them. As much as I despise the disgusting mice when they wake me up at night, when I see them live and caught in a trap my mammal-loving soft side kicks in and I start to cry. I know they are gross, but they're all furry! - - Therefore I am entirely unfit for the job... DEFINITELY one of the MANY reasons to keep a husband, even though they are expensive.

Oh, and hairyshoefairy, you owe me a fudge recipe!!!

--jeff * said...

wouldn't 'of mice and renn' been a better posting title?

keep up the good work, mle. i do enjoy your commentary.

-->jeff *

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