Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bad Case of the BLAHS

So much for posting every day. I had time to post yesterday, it's just that I'm stuck in a rut. I'm currently so boring I could put myself to sleep. In fact, that's the problem. I don't do anything anymore because all my extra minutes are spent sleeping. As soon as I get home from work (which isn't until almost 7pm) I eat and go to bed. I then barely drag myself out of bed in time to get to work again with dry hair. So all I do is eat and sleep and commute and work and take frequent bathroom breaks... oh, and unconsciously build another human being inside my innards. We can't forget that, it's a lot of work!

I've been passing up all the opportunities and activities that I used to base my interesting-ness on. I pass them up for more sleep. Sleep is interesting to me, but writing about it is not. Sadness.

Emily passed up all opportunities to attend the Sundance film festival, because the thought of being awake after 9pm makes her all icky inside.

Emily has failed to maintain her routine of watching 2+ Netflix films a week, and is now luck to get in 1 a week, because boring sleep is so much more important than watching anything interesting.

Emily has a perpetual mess called Valentine's Cards in Progress. She is lucky to get 5 minutes of progress on any given evening, because she'd rather just go to bed.

Emily really ought to take a turn preparing dinner sometime, but that would require waiting to eat until after she had prepared it, and by that time she will want to be sleeping.

Emily is too tired to be interested in reading. (I guess you'd have to know me...)

Emily is too tired to listen to her voicemail, and has ceased to return calls.

So... basically nothing much matters right now except sleeping, eating and not puking too soon afterward, and getting to work on time. Everything else is all blurry.

Who's jealous? Not Mr. Renn, although he goes out of his way to tell me that he's having a hard time of it too. After all, he does all the cooking, cleaning, bed-making, errand running, phone-calling, accounting, relationship-maintaining and pining for romance while I am out of commission.

If you see him, you will have to send your condolences.
He has also decided not to be outdone in the race to see who has to wake up the most times to go to the bathroom. Some men gain sympathy weight, some have sympathy pains, mine has a sympathy bladder.

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hairyshoefairy said...

Love the pic of the tomato. Don't you just feel that way sometimes? Big, red, and wailing. I'm sorry you're so tired. I think I'm finally moving past that. I still end up going to bed way earlier than I have in my entire life, but I've now moved on to insomnia where I'm super tired and want to sleep, but can't seem to shut down. I lie in bed for hours trying. (I've also moved from puking every day to every 6 days. Now that's progress!) Sometimes I find it frustrating that everyone's different. Don't you wish we all had a specific day when Bam! you feel fantastic? It would be so much easier to handle, I think, if you knew an exact day you were working for and then you'd feel good and functioning again. I hope your tiredness wears off soon and you can, once again, join the human race. I feel for you!

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