Monday, February 06, 2006

Catching up and Down again

Have not yet recovered from the blahs. Still, there are some positive developments, very much worth mentioning. So this is a mentioning of positive developments post, not a state of the union (between Em & Renn and impending baby) post.

1.) - After a severely pukey Saturday, I managed to sleep like a log for 8 hours (not even a bathroom break!) and felt leaps and leaps and leaps and bounds better on Sunday. What a splendiferous difference restful sleep can make!

2.) - Despite pukiness, it was really fun to see my cute niece on Saturday, we drove down to the BYU basketball game (no - I am not a basketball fan, and if it were not for the bribe of spending time with cute niece, would have required an equally persuasive bribe to attend said game)

3.) - I have become hallucinatorily dizzy, almost all the time. I reckon it will get really annoying soon, but for now it's just funny to me. I stand up, whoa! I sit back down. I have run into more walls and door frames in the last 3 days than I could begin to keep track of.

4.) - So far today my maternity pants are not falling down. By no means do they fit. I still look ridiculous, but I have not (so far today) had to consistently pull them back up around my waist every time I stand up.

5.) - I have still not gained a single pound (I've actually lost 8), even though I've added almost 5 inches to my belly. I know that this is due to the puking and the sickie fairy, but I'm trying to think of it as a good thing, a silver lining. Less to lose later. (I know very well that I may still make up for it in the coming months... but I'm trying to be an optimist)

6.) - They make Crystal Light in single serving size packages. Since all water now tastes like lead to me, this is a great development for my hydration.

7.) - On my Saturday Provo excursion, I also got to visit Ari (my favorite friend). She made me feel perfectly at ease, as always. And she gave me some home-made Raspberry frozen yogurt that was so good I almost cried. I think that somehow, being European, she has the perfect idea of how sweet things should be so that the flavor is divine and just sweet enough to melt you. Her homemade lemonade is also rave-worthy. I always end up wishing I could take her home with me.

8.) - Sunday Renn and I made dinner for my family. Mesquite Lime Chicken with Dill Potatoes (Ari's recipe) and a tossed salad. They loved it. My mom loved not having to make it. We were quite popular for a few hours. AND I was able to eat it.

9.) - Last night Renn decided he wanted to watch National Treasure, since it takes place almost entirely in Philadelphia (our future home). So he and my sister were sitting their pointing out the scenery while I was trying to zone-out the uber tense soundtrack and relax while working on Valentine's cards. (My vote had been to watch Be my Valentine, Charlie Brown instead.... I don't handle cinematic emotional manipulation of any sort very well lately)

10.) - I remembered how much I love polka dots

11.) - I got to spend some good cuddle time with Skittles, my old puppy (almost 16 yrs). I've had to neglect giving her much attention partially because of the nausea and partially because she's not allowed in our newly-refinished room (she's got an occasional incontinence problem and nobody wants to risk it). So on Sunday afternoon I gave her a good 20 minutes of love and she was in heaven.

There's more, there's more... it's just hiding in my foggy brain somewhere.....

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hairyshoefairy said...

I'm so glad your pants are starting to fit! Now that's progress! I've made dinner recently, too. Doesn't it make you feel like you're almost human again?

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