Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I've sprouted a puppy

People have been commenting about my "pooch". This is not a term I was previously familiar with. Apparently my tummy, in its intermediate stage, has a name. I don't think I look pregnant yet, just a little bulbous. So if people didn't know I was pregnant it would probably be quite rude to comment on my "pooch" - wouldn't it? I had Renn take some profile photos of me the other day, to document my changing body. (Maybe I will add one to this post once I get home....) I look positively uncomfortable, even more than I actually am. So far I just have back pain, which I had before anyway, and occasional leg cramps at night. Not too bad for non-nausea-related discomfort.

If I'm completely on-target with the weight gaining, I will make up for the 8 lbs I've lost so far, and then wind up somewhere between 130-140 lbs as a fully ripe pregnant lady. This is amusing to me, because I've weighed that much before. Only once. I spent the first half of the summer of 2002 in London, eating out almost every meal and indulging in fantastic bread and chocolate (don't regret it a bit). I then spent the 2nd 1/2 of that summer sitting in front of a desk 12 hours a day and eating out for lunch every single day at an internship. I truly don't regret a moment of it, but I gained almost 30 pounds in one summer (and with all that eating out, they were expensive pounds!) There's a picture of me at the end of that summer horseback riding and I'm unrecognizable with a puffy face. I lost it all as fast as I had gained it... just by returning to my starving student-too busy to eat- lifestyle. No diets required. But the concept that I weighed that much as a non-pregnant person is remarkable... as I'm pretty darn petite. I've decided that petite people are more prone to morning sickness for whatever reason. It's just a statistical observation based on all of my acquaintances. I'd trade being petite for being able to enjoy a meal in a heartbeat.

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Em said...

Well, what can I say? Another poorly founded, ill-researched Emily theory bites the dust.

I'd still like to feel like there is enough of me to feed my baby even if I continue to lose weight... but that's proving not to be the case... I have to go see the doctor tomorrow because I can't afford to keep losing weight like I have been.

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