Thursday, February 09, 2006

Verdicts and what they really mean

And another Doctors appointment going... okay I guess. I've been ordered to increase my calorie intake... by a lot. I would reckon that doesn't happen very often. So I guess I need to eat fatty calorific foods, and eat them often. My doctor's suggestion was milkshakes as they don't require much chewing which tends to trigger my trigger-happy gag reflex. Yeah. I'm on the milkshake diet. What a concept.

Other than that we still have a healthy-sounding heartbeat going to town inside of me, so all that puking is not going to waste... or is it? Well I'll rephrase that and say at least I'm not puking for nothing. I'm 3 weeks past my "you should start to feel better by now" date and I've noticed that nobody is telling me I'll feel better soon like they were so eager to a month ago. Hmmm... at least I'm getting some pity from all of my acquaintances who've had more comfortable pregnancies. (Not that pity is worth much, but it's nice nontheless)

Ultrasound is scheduled for March 9th. We could have gone earlier, but I have that morning off work anyway. I should be more eager, anxious, uptight, and unable to wait, shouldn't I? Maybe that will hit when it gets closer.


Anonymous said...

I actually know exactly how you feel. I was so sick through my entire pregnancy and the last day I threw up was the day I had Caden. I know what you are going through. I know you just want to hit the people that say "Oh it is all worth it in the end," or "I am sure you will start to feel better soon." I just got used to the whole being sick thing. It is hard. I had a hard time at first, but once you start feeling the baby move and find out what you are having it adds a little more excitment to the whole situation. I know I am going to have to go through that whole sicky thing again, (probably sooner than later) but it really is worth it. Hang in there. We are the strong ones!:) Love ya!

hairyshoefairy said...

Woohoo! Milkshake diet! It sucks that you still can't really enjoy real food. Something else I found I could keep down was pudding. I'm almost back to normal, but every few days I just can't seem to pull it together and don't want to eat anything cuz I still feel crappy. Yuck! I'm happy your baby is still okay though. It's more than a little disconcerting when you can't tell if your baby's moving or not and you can't keep anything down so you don't even know if it's getting nutrients. I think that must be the main purpose of Dr. appointments during this time. To let you know your baby is still alive and well. I'm sorry you still feel like yuck most of the time. That stinks!

wjh said...

I hope you keep all these posts somewhere so that this child can read it later in life.

I suspect the day before we get the toilet installed in your bathroom will be the last day of your emetic condition.

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