Friday, March 31, 2006


Okay - at this moment in time I need to rant. I need to rant in order to stop crying at work, which is quite embarrasing. Especially when you are trying so hard not to cry while crying that you give yourself a pregnant nosebleed.

I already mentioned that Mr. Renn took today off work hoping that we could spend it together, and I forgot to ask for the day off in time. So I've been here all day making the most of it. It is dead slow at work today, also an important factor. I talk to my dad and find out that my mom should be home around 5:30, and I talk to Mr. Renn and find out he's having minor issues wrangling the teenage boys at the house. I ask my manager if I could go home an hour early. I know for a fact this is not a problem because my phone is only ringing every 40 minutes. I am told no and I start to cry.... but here's WHY.

The reason I am told no is because another individual in my department, whom I'll call JERK, is allergic to work. He's one of those co-workers that makes me mad enough to spit. He conveniently calls in sick on Mondays and Fridays all the time, and inevitably has all of his sick leave AND vacation time used up by October every year. When he is at work he frequently refuses to take calls, and when he does take calls he is too lazy to actually help people and tells them to send emails to our department. He then proceeds to "reassign" a large portion of the emails that are placed in his folder to other people's folders - LIKE MINE. I harbor significant resentment, and I feel completely justified harboring it. So JERK already asked to go home early today (I guess at least he showed up....) and because management is at least remotely savy to his work allergy, they told him no. I have no problem with them telling him no. If I were his manager I'd tell him no too. But because he asked first and was told no, and I asked second, I have to be told no too. I'M GETTING PUNISHED BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE IS A JERK!!!!

So this, combined with pregnancy hormones, caused me to start crying. I want to go home and take care of my mother and I'm stuck here trying to camoflouge the scowl that crosses my face every time my eyes cross the JERK. The reason the JERK still has a job is a mystery to me. What really really bugs me is that he probably gets paid more than I do.... or at least evil thoughts like that keep crossing my mind when I get all BITTER like I am right now.

S.O.S. - need a happy thought, save me quick!

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