Thursday, March 16, 2006


Mr. Renn voluntarily attended a wedding reception last night. Did you catch that? Voluntarily. This is an absolute first. I think it's that basic difference in our families that I can't explain, but before we were married Mr. Renn was the type who would skip out early on his own sister's wedding reception, and certainly never attended one if he wasn't in the wedding party. I can't recall how many receptions I have dragged him to, ranting all the way about how it's important to me to show support and celebratory affection for those who are taking the plunge.

At his sister's wedding last weekend we talked about how it's always the same people who show up at every wedding reception in our area. The same awesome, nice people who bring a gift to every reception and seem genuinely excited for the new couple. I pointed out to Mr. Renn that I hoped we'd be like that someday, and (my memory is fuzzy) I think he actually agreed.

Last night after I got home from work we were planning to go out to dinner. (We had a free dinner coming from a restaurant because the last time we'd been there the power had gone out.) We'd both had long (understatement) days and all I really wanted to do was go to bed. (So this strange behavior was not provoked) Then somehow it came up that we'd forgotten there was a reception that night and Mr. Renn, without skipping a beat, insisted we go and adjusted his plans. It was unreal for me. He even wrote the card for them (okay I prodded him a little to do that - - he knew the groom way better than me), and voluntarily put money in it. Oooh I was so proud!

I wonder if this is the same feeling you get when you realize your child is potty-trained? That seems to be a hot topic lately, and one that scares me to pieces. Well if I can get Mr. Renn to voluntarily attend wedding receptions, I can do anything!

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