Thursday, March 23, 2006

on a leash

I need a day off. The sun is shining-ish, it's warmish, and I've got spring fever - big time. I have a constant daydream/memory of walking around the streets of London doing whatever the heck I felt like. Stopping to look at windows and displays that looked interesting, people watching, sitting down and taking breaks on a whim, and going inside any store/shop/deli/museum that called out to me. I just want to wander around and look at interesting things. My squashed weekends, frantic mornings, frantic-er evenings, and uber-short lunch breaks are altogether inadequate for my wanderlusting soul. I want an afternoon all to myself to do whatever I want... which would be mostly just wander and window shop.

Doesn't that just sound nice?

Too bad we're crunching for an internal audit at work and everytime I even think about taking time off my boss announces another mandatory meeting before/after/ or during work. Blech.

I have been asked to speak at enrichment meeting tonight about what Relief Society means to me / why I'm grateful for it. I find this incredibly ironic, as I can't remember the last time I was able to attend a RS function. I've been in the primary for over 2 years, enrichment meetings are usually over before I get home from work, and my ward has RS temple outings - but they are on weekday afternoons and mornings. My visiting teachers haven't been around for almost 8 months, and I don't even think I have a visiting teaching assignment. For a while they kept giving me the 18 year olds as they entered RS, but they've all moved out and moved on now. .. I think. I sort of lost track after my massive all-day morning sickness hit in November and I was going straight to bed from work every day.

Still not sure what I'm going to say... but I've got 6 hours to figure it out. Too bad I'll be spending all 6 hours working and in meetings. Looks like I get to brainstorm during my commute. Yipee.

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Em said...

I have seen He loves me, he loves me not... (I think I've seen all of Audrey's films except Venus Beauty Institute...)

And that plot twist in the middle, while it totally made sense, was really unexpected from a female director. Usually it's men who want to explore dark psychology and irrational motives.... not to be sexist or anything...

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