Thursday, April 06, 2006


Well I survived the audit. I survived the slushy drive to work today, I survived an unexpected dentist appointment. (To be fair, it wasn't entirely unexpected, I just forgot about it). I'm doing pretty good.

In honor of doing pretty good, and in honor of being largely through another week of being pregnant, I think I will celebrate with some happy thoughts.

I unapologetically adore polka dots.

I never remember to check the tags on clothing to see whether it's "dry clean only" before I buy it.

I uber-splurged and bought a Wendy Bellissimo crib-set. Shhhh... don't tell Mr. Renn. On the bright side, I got it for almost 40% off.

Because I never pay full price for anything. On the down side I occasionally jump at bargains when I should wait and think about it some more.

I have a full tank of gas (unfortunately this is a very temporary state of affairs in my life)

I have read 8 Laffy-Taffy jokes today.

Mr. Renn is at this very moment at home working like mad to finish a bathroom attached to our basement-room so that I won't have to make the long journey to Mecca so many times each night.

My darling friend Christina offered to throw me a baby shower in Provo. Unfortunately she is about the only friend I have left in Provo, so maybe I'll have her take me out to lunch instead.

Today is full of rain, but tomorrow promises to be warmish with some sun.

I feel like designing something and making it myself. Even though I don't begin to have time for finishing I will probably start something this weekend.

I have been pregnant for approximately 172 days, I have approximately 108 days of being pregnant left, and Dandelion Mama Tracy (hopefully) has only 8ish days of being pregnant left. (Oh glorious day when Tracy is no longer pregnant!)

Am also down to approximately 73 work days and 146 commutes left.

Love to overuse words like approximately.

My siblings have spring break next week, so my whole family (possibly minus my still-recovering mom) is going down to someplace in the middle of nowhere to ride horses all week. Renn and I will have the house to ourselves (or be sharing it with my mom.... which is still quite a lot more calm than we are used to!!)

Does anybody have any suggestions for a fantastic user-friendly digital camera in the less than $400 range? I'm thinking I need something a bit more reliable than my current digital camera, which chronically distorts images and refuses to turn on, stay on, or turn off when desired. We'll call it a late birthday present and something I really want to have before my belly buddy pokes his head out.
I do not want another lemon, but I am a lemon magnet.

Mr. Renn has started talking to the baby at night. He politely asks him to settle down so his mommy can sleep. Picture Mr. Renn talking right into my belly. Of course it doesn't work, but it's darn cute!


--jeff * said...

i like your happy thoughts. there's something endearing and pasifying about a list of happy things, even if they don't relate to one directly.
i'm sorry that i haven't any digital camera recommendations, but i do rejoice with you in enjoying your placid weekend.
congratulations on surviving the audit.

and i still live in provo, too.

hairyshoefairy said...

I love happy thoughts and yours are great!

Ryan Remains said...

Hello. It's about time I left a comment. Only, I can't think of anything to say except that I feel the pain of the non-working digital camera. No camera ever works for me. It's nice to read about what's happening with you, regardless of my perpetual inability to work a camera right or tuck in a shirt.

Mo said...

We just bought an hp camera after our camera up and died on us. Something about being thrown to the floor by little boys too many times..... has cameras cheaper than in the actual store, and shipping was only $1.94!! And the camera is water resistant too.

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