Friday, May 05, 2006

dreaming in technicolor

Last night I dreamed that my Grandma's older sister died before we had a chance to ask her where my Grandma's name came from (we've been meaning to do that). Then after a bathroom break, the deceased person changed and was suddenly Mr. Renn's Grandmother. She and Mr. Renn's Grandfather live up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, mostly because Mr. Renn's grandfather is a bit claustrophobic/antisocial and a town of more than 200 people is too crowded for him. I think everyone's secretly hoping that he dies first (not that they're in any hurry...), because if Renn's Grandma dies first there's no way they'll get him down off that mountain to take care of him... could be messy. Whereas if he dies first, Renn's Grandma will happily settle down wherever she's got internet access and room for all her geneology.... she talks to dead people. (I don't know how much they talk back, but she says there's always someone in her house that won't leave her alone until she finds them....)

So I woke up and told Mr. Renn about my dream and told him he ought to call his grandparents today. Isn't that what dreams like that are for, to remind us to talk to people while they are still here?

1 comment:

--jeff * said...

heck, i commend you for having the courage to publish your hope that renn's grandfather dies first.

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