Friday, May 19, 2006


So.... tomorrow is my next baby shower. I think that those who are throwing it for me remembered by due-date incorrectly, as I was forwarded a copy of the email they've been passing back and forth and it says June instead of July. So these nice folks are expecting me to pop at any moment, but really I'm only (nearly) 31 weeks. This will just be a handful of college friends, so not a big impressive party. (Well, it may be impressive, but it won't be big).
I'm excited to see everyone, but at the same time it makes me really nervous to see them in my current context. Most of them are still living the college life, and I now feel so far removed from that..... makes me nervous/anxious. I may have to start an inner mantra that goes something like this, "I am still an intelligent worthwhile person, even though my pregnant brain has temporarily turned to mush. I am still an intelligent....."

Work has been quite slow this week. Like watching the grass grow slow. In the moments when my high-strung supervisor has been out and the phones have not been ringing (and my regular vessel duties have skipped a week, so there's nothing to do but wait for the phone to ring) I have read 5 magazines, the second half of the Julia Child book, and finished an embroidery project. Now there is really, truly, absolutely nothing for me to do but sit very still and try to think happy future-oriented thoughts. That's the thing about this job (or one of them) it's either insanely cruelly busy, or it is very much not.

Mr. Renn is hoping to get my parent's garden planted this weekend. We have a real racoon problem, so we're mostly sticking to underground crops (potatoes, carrots, beets) and things with difficult to penetrate coverings (Watermelon and Pumpkin). Renn really wants some tomatoes and bell peppers. We'll have to see if those can survive the racoon bandits. I'm so glad Mr. Renn likes gardening!

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Cam said...

>>my regular vessel duties <<
Ummmm...would you clarify what this means? It almost sounds like all the ships you normally care for are out of port on the high seas. ;)

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