Monday, May 08, 2006

Springtime Sundays

I approach Sundays with mixed emotions. I dread the early morning block time, and the two hours with my primary class exhausts me. But Sunday Afternoons - ahhh good times.

After surviving primary on Sunday I was delighted to hear that my husband had made the executive decision to skip choir practice (normally held right after the 3 hour block making for 4 long hours of church for the pregnant lady.) He took me home and propped me up comfortably while he started dinner for my family (we are currently in charge of Sunday dinners and it works well since we get home from church just when everyone else is leaving.) After he had the pork ribs all trimmed of fat, broiled on the grill and into the crockpot, his potato casserole assembled, and the rolls rising, (while I sat very still and said encouraging things) he took me and a bunch of pillows outside for a treat. He made me a pregnant-lady-bed on my parent's trampoline, mostly in the shade, and after defying physics and getting me up on top of it, he read to me for a while from "Mitten Strings for God" (We are trying to drag that book out and make it last as long as possible), and then from the BoM, and then he let me just cat-nap while he finished dinner. So there I lay, all relatively comfy and propped up, napping in some nice spring shade on a lovely afternoon that smelled like spring grass. Mr. Renn knows me really well and loves me a lot!

Napping improves my disposition immensely. Too bad there is no way for me to fit such a thing into my everyday. I can barely fit regular bathroom breaks into my everyday.

Mr. Renn is getting me a new camera for Mother's Day! Well, it's a group purchase and a group decision really, but Mr. Renn justified it by calling it a Mother's Day present.

Oh and other ways in which Mr. Renn is wonderful....
He didn't have to be to work until noon today, so this morning he 1) Made a frame for my current embroidery project, 2) Made and decorated a cake for my parents' 25th anniversary (today!) 3) Took the last frame he made and my last embroidery project to the craft store to get it properly assembled.

So... Happy Anniversay to my parents, and I love Mr. Renn!

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--jeff * said...

y'know, i think this 'mr renn' [as you call him] just might be a keeper.
he's a catch, anyway.

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