Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My baby is dropping.

This is a perfectly normal and expected phenomenon. If he is eventually to make it out of me, he must edge toward the only known exit. Not to worry though, according to the doctor my cervix is still entirely intact, and the likelihood of my body springing to a 10 like Tracy is just about zilch (this will be, after all, the first time my body does this). So no worries about the baby coming early, nevertheless he is making his way south.

Consequently, everything below my waist has ceased to function normally. My legs are like jelly, my hips comparable to those of a 90 year old. The hips especially, they don't like it when I sit, stand, or lie down.... which leaves what? And never you mind what is happening to my bladder. I've begun having regular confrontations with my sciatic nerve... sometimes in the middle of the night (you know, in between the leg cramps). And when my legs or hips aren't actively causing me discomfort, it's because they're temporarily numb.

Such Fun. We love only sleeping in 15-20 minute increments. It makes us such a nice and coherent person.

Well, if countless other women have done it before me, it must be do-able. So I will do it. But wow, they weren't kidding that these will be the longest 6 weeks of my life. Every joint and muscle and nerve combine to turn every minute that passes into a long and uncomfortable one.

Mr. Renn saw a picture of the amount of stretching that causes round ligament pain. Since then he hasn't dared make a peep of dissent when I complain. I was pretty impressed by it myself, my poor ligaments. See the photo of the poor pregnant sheep? That tiny ligament, normally the size of a paperclip on each side of the uterus... well hers tore and now there's nothing holding her pregnant belly up. Does that give you an idea of why those poor ligaments would occasionally cause some pain?


Chantele Sedgwick said...

That is a sad looking sheep! You look much cuter than that! I had horrible leg cramps! They weren't the normal ones that are in your calf, but in my thighs. They would just throb and throb all night long and I could never get comfortable! Good luck with these last few weeks! You can do it!!!:)

Right after that baby is out, every upset stomach pain and heartburn and leg cramps just go magically away!!

Em said...

Well, my dad is a Veterinarian... I spent a frightening amount of my childhood looking at un-well animals and pics of un-well animals. You should see some of the stuff that shows up in the American Veterinary Association Publications - Yowzah!

hairyshoefairy said...

Baw, ha, ha! That picture is awesome! And although you may feel like that sheep (btw, totally understanding the hip situation with absolutely no comfy position) I would wager a good amount of money that you don't actually look like that poor animal. Just to begin with you are so much prettier and I'm fairly certin you don't walk around on all fours. Those two things alone make you prettier and happier than the sheep. :)

Cam said...

Just a little more sag and then most of the load is off the back and on the floor! [g,r,d]

Cam said...

Maybe this will help you feel better, maybe it won't. :>

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