Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's Thursday and I wish I was....

I briefly got in touch with my old roommate Afton. She seems adept at always living a borderline glamorous life. She and her husband life near San Francisco where he works in computers and she works for a company that does market research. They are planning a trip to Hawaii and prepared themselves by getting scuba-certified. This all sounds very fun to me.

So while Mr. Renn and I are maybe watching a nature documentary about marine life (while I'm popping tums and making whiney noises) Afton will be experiencing marine life. Seems slightly unfair, doesn't it? (Don't worry, I'm not shooting for a fair life, nor am I expecting one.)
Still, large gaping parts of me are wishing for a vacation, a trip, some new scenery, heck I think I'd settle for some exotic food. Anything besides my 80 mile commute and sitting here at my desk all day sounds pretty good right now.

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