Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's Thursday and I wish I was....

I briefly got in touch with my old roommate Afton. She seems adept at always living a borderline glamorous life. She and her husband life near San Francisco where he works in computers and she works for a company that does market research. They are planning a trip to Hawaii and prepared themselves by getting scuba-certified. This all sounds very fun to me.

So while Mr. Renn and I are maybe watching a nature documentary about marine life (while I'm popping tums and making whiney noises) Afton will be experiencing marine life. Seems slightly unfair, doesn't it? (Don't worry, I'm not shooting for a fair life, nor am I expecting one.)
Still, large gaping parts of me are wishing for a vacation, a trip, some new scenery, heck I think I'd settle for some exotic food. Anything besides my 80 mile commute and sitting here at my desk all day sounds pretty good right now.

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Tracy M said...

Sometime I yearn for adventure, too. But you are doing something so important- I guarantee when they lay that baby on your tummy, you won't care about Hawaii, or Aruba, or even Grand Cayman- nothing will compare to his little self.

In the meantime, popping tums and straggling through the last stages of both pregnancy and your job is a bit of a grind- but you are soooo close!

Yay, Em! Hooray for Em! Who cares about Hawaii! The glamorous life is the pits! Yay for baby! That was your cheering section for the day... ( I heart Em!)

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