Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where's my stressball?

I knew I shouldn't have read this post about BYU the moment I saw it. I got all hot and bothered by it initially, as is evidenced by my comment. But as I'm settling down and thinking harder, I do have to admit that there are a few things about BYU that drove me nuts. And there were certainly plenty of bad experiences and cultural clashes, but for someone to go so far as to say they hated the whole experience.... still seems like a stretch to me.
There were plenty of bureaucratic things about the Y that made my skin crawl. The way my favorite professor is constantly being "reported" for showing film clips and making insinuations that actually require people to examine their own values from the inside out.... that irks me the most. But I was also bothered by how difficult it was for a film student to get a film worth making made, because the university's "reputation" was going to be attached to it. There was definitely some censorship there, and a lot of films that should have been made didn't... and even more films that shouldn't have been made did, just because it was a script that could get approved. That was irritating.
I didn't have any problems with the honor code myself.... it probably helped that I never dated. And I found plenty to keep myself busy... too busy to date. So when people complain about BYU's entire social scene being "dating to marry" it sounds totally illegitimate to me. I stayed way too busy to date, and I'm not convinced that was a good thing. I wish I had dated more before I got married, if only to become slightly more familiar with the neurosis of the male mind.

Anyhoo.... these thoughts and others are convoluting in my brain. I really genuinely believe that you find what you look for, no matter where you are. I found plenty of good people and good experiences, and fascinating people and fascinating experiences while at BYU. I did not find a husband there..... slight irony. (I'm perfectly thrilled with the one I found elsewhere though).

Okay, the end.


hairyshoefairy said...

Two of my three sisters-in-law graduated BYU without getting married even though they dated lots. I have mixed feeling about BYU. I chose not to go there, but I, too, agree with the whole finding what you want no matter where you are sentiment. We see what we want to see.

Cam said...

>>the neurosis of the male mind<<
Seeing how this if your blog, and I am a (male)guest here, I will not press a person in your "condition" to explain how the imbalance between the id, ego, and superego of the male mind differ from those of the fairer sex. [G,r,d]

Stephen said...

I enjoyed going to law school at BYU, undergraduate was ok, but I preferred Cal State L.A. I think personality matters. My daughter is going and is very excited.

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