Saturday, July 29, 2006

Me and my Guy

Well my days are all blurry around the edges and my brain's turned mushy. Makes it rather difficult to be witty, or even remotely interesting.

While being milked yesterday I turned on the TV in a desperate attempt to think about something non-milk-related. I ended up watching a good 30 minutes of Signing Time Kids on the educational-some-such-channel. It was actually remarkably engaging for what it was, and I learned at least 8 new words in sign language. Hey, I learned something new! Maybe there is hope for my mushy brain after all.

So other than feeling slightly like I'm under house arrest, and the occasional (frequent) outbursts of inexplicable tears, we're doing pretty good! How long does that usually last anyway?

Luckily Oliver is sleeping better, and his daddy's decided to take over the fun job of getting him back to sleep at night for a while. These factors combine to make me slightly sane-er, even if I do wake up in considerable discomfort in the morning. Isn't engorgement fun?


Cam said...

>> occasional (frequent) outbursts of inexplicable long does that usually last anyway?<<
Since you had a boy, it will only last til age 8. If you'd had a girl, it would last til age 18 when she leaves home, then start all over again when she's pregnant or becomes a mother. [g,r,d]

Mo said...

Ah, morning engorgement....I took to sleeping with a towel wrapped around my chest so I wouldn't have to wash my sheets and blankets every morning.
I promise that it all goes away, the swelling, the crying, everything. Well, not the exhaustion, you just learn to live with that ;)

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