Thursday, August 24, 2006


Oh my goodness! I find myself with more than five minutes without holding a baby. I get to type with both hands! (And you thought I was just too sleep deprived to write a coherent sentence.... okay well that's still true).

It's funny how I'm home alone with Oliver all day, and all I want is a break. I want someone to hold him so I can go to the bathroom mostly (without listening to his heartbreaking "Mom, where are you?!" scream). But as soon as everyone comes home and people are willing to hold him and relieve me, I more or less want him back. It's kind of like going to social events, where everyone wants to hold the baby, so I don't get to. Then by the time I get home I just want to hold him and hold him forever, because I'm his mama! That's totally normal, right?

Mr. Renn had his first day of orientation today. It sounds like things went really well, other than the part that we only got enough in student loans to pay rent and car insurance and have less than $20 left over to cover food for the rest of the year! Um, issues. Not going there. But Mr. Renn said it finally sunk in that he is a graduate student (a very poor graduate student) and that he's way excited to get to wear his very own lab-coat. Yippee for the lab coat!

Some moments I really wish I was out there with him. But I have less than 20 days left, it will come soon enough.

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