Monday, August 21, 2006

awkward phases

Good news the plane tickets for Christmas have been resolved, we will be coming home for Christmas.... now I hold my breath and wait for repercussions and unintended consequences.

Sir Oliver has hit his first puberty. Baby acne has joined cradle cap as our nemesis. Cradle cap on a baby with long dark hair is bad enough as it is, really. I look like a chicken half of the time, pecking at my son's head trying to remove all the really noticeable white flakes. Now we have bountiful red bumps to distract your eye from the white flakes.

Good thing he's still cute, and has yet to develop a sense of vanity. OK, who are we kidding, he knows that he's cute and that the whole world revolves around his cutiness.

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Kermit~the~Frog said...

Two things all of my babies have had--long hair, and cradle cap. With my most recent little one, the cradle cap came on so thick that he ended up bald for a few weeks--the hair came out as we washed the cap off. He had a few long combover-able hairs left, so I promptly nicknamed him Gollum.

But the cure was the Head and Shoulders in the dark blue bottle. Cleaned it all up in about 5 shampoos, and his head smelled interesting, like sulphur. I actually miss it now that he uses mundane shampoo again, lol.

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