Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dr. Says

We've got a tall skinny boy. Today we're in the 75th percentile for height (should I call it "length" until the kid can actually stand up?) and the 40th percentile for weight and noggin size.

No big surprises there. Our baby has some of the skinniest baby legs I've ever seen. He seems to be all muscle, but I promise I'm trying my best to fatten him up! I am, after all, his own personal dairy farm.

The reality of the insane logistics of this move back East are starting to hit home. I'm going to be a single parent for a month, and from midnight to 6am that is sounding really hard just now. So many things are up in the air right now; health insurance, finding a new pediatrician, most of our financial aid applications, where exactly rent will come from, exactly (or even approximately) how much money we will have left after this move is over, whether and when I might need to find a job or some similar source of income.... and on and on. I'd say it keeps me up nights, but that's already being done by Mr. Oliver, so I can only say I'm stressing about such things.

6 more days with Mr. Renn, then another drastic change in a string of drastic changes.

Oh boy...

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Mo said...

My kiddos are tall skinny ones too. Just remember, "adjustable waist pants", they're lifesavers.

I remember my dh telling me how smoothly everything was going with our move.....he said it every morning as he left me home with the kids, the boxes, the cleaning supplies, the bills, and the errands needing to be done.
Take a deep breath, figure out what you can take care of now, and put the things you can't to the side. It will all get taken care of, but not all right now.
Find a friend you can call, have a really good cathartic pity party, and carry on.
We're behind you 100% (waiting to catch you when you fall over asleep!)

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