Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Good

Sir Oliver has been much better today - no scary episodes or anything. Between 4 hours of church and a family gathering he was actually borderline angelic. How many nearly 8 week old boys sit quietly through 4 hours of church and then 6 subsequent hours of being oogled? Yeah, I know, it's uncanny. In fact I accidentally went from 10am to 8pm without changing his diaper (mostly just because I wasn't the one holding him for almost that entire time.... poor kid went all day without even an uninterrupted feeding) - and he managed to not even leak. I'm telling you, my boy is something else. And he was awfully popular with the ladies.

Mr. Renn spent Saturday in Washington D.C. because it was stake temple day and we are in that temple district. It was his first time in D.C. and he had tons to tell me about it over the phone. I guess they drove past tons of places he had only seen pictures of. Definitely an exciting trip for him.

So we are on the up-swing of the pendulum for today. If I can just make it to Philadelphia without any overweight or lost luggage, then I will breathe a gargantuan sigh of relief.

Thanks for everyone's concern for Sir Oliver. We're hoping it's an isolated incident, but I'll keep you posted if anything else shows up.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Oliver is doing alright...and you too. I know how scary things like that can be. Clayton and I were hoping that you could give us your new address so we could send you something. Have a safe flight!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Hope to hear from you soon! I hope everything goes well getting from here to there!:) Have a safe trip and I hope you like your new home!

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