Saturday, September 23, 2006

How many blowouts can one reasonably expect in an evening?

Hooray for a day with Mr. Renn at home. We got lots and lots done. Mr. Renn even managed to get some studying done on top of the lengthy honey-do list. (Hence me not feeling to guilty about the length of the honey-do list).

I ventured out to the General RS broadcast and while I was out I asked Mr. Renn to hang this mirror. Hmmm.... what's wrong with this picture?

At said broadcast, Sir Oliver was a holy terror. Isn't it embarrasing when your kid is a holy terror and then people come up after the meeting and tell you how cute your kid is? I want to say "He's not cute! You haven't seen him cute! You've only seen him screaming himself purple and distracting hundreds of nice ladies from prophetic back-patting!" Sir Oliver, in the course of the evening had 2, count 'em 2 blow-outs. How do you pack for that? Well, luckily the 2nd blow out was less blown out than the 1st. But the gooey back meant I couldn't let any of the nice people who offered to hold him the rest of the evening have a go at it. I was too proud to let them see or touch the sticky back-side of his outfit. Sadly I think I did not make a great first impression on many of the ladies.

It was nice to finally come home and let Sir Oliver and Mr. Renn have some "guy time". Give me a break!


--jeff * said...


your apartment looks great. a job well done to mr renn for all his work [and your direction; let's be honest here]. and while it took me a moment, i did smile at the 'mirror situation'. maybe you'll grow into it....

though you have moved across the country [i commend you for living in such a cultured place], rest assured that your blog's fan base continues to check for new writings everyday [and is happy that you post on saturdays now that you are away from that dreaded office], and laughs with you at the ups and downs of one sir oliver.

thank you for entertaining and enlightening us each day.

samunwritten said...

If it's any comfort, there were several screaming babies at our RS broadcast as well.
It was rather entertaining to watch as 300 heads turned in unison to stare down the poor mother.
It's like when a new family moves into the ward and everyone whips around in their seats to scope them out.

Cam said...

Whats wrong with the mirror? Its TOO small, of course! No, its not too high. Its just right for Renn. I'm guessing there is no way a mirror that size can be placed where it is usable for both of you. I think there is a conspiracy to intentially make mirrors too small and to mount them too low. For example, the mirror in the bathroom of the best hotel in Kalamazoo, Michigan (from which I am writing this entry) has the too small mirror placed at such a height that with out bending down, the highest part of my person that I can see is the 2nd button down on the front of my shirt! Try coming your hair or brushing your teeth while doing deep squats!

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