Wednesday, September 27, 2006

it's the little things that count

What did I accomplish today?
Well, I managed to not feel entirely overwhelmed. That has to count for something. I vacuumed one room and one hallway. (The vacuum is still out in the middle of the hallway, but it still counts)
I ate. I worried. I dealt with some all-consuming paperwork/bureaucratic junk that is a jungle of red-tape. I got annoyed that neither the internet nor cable worked ALL DAY LONG.

You know, fun stuff.

Oliver, he kept me company and cried every time I set him down. And he ate like I'd been starving him for a week. (I hadn't, by the way).

And Mr. Renn comes home and wonders why it is that I can seem so worn out and have so little accomplished. Sometimes I worry I might slug him. Pats on backs for no physical violence in the house! (Again I am kidding... I promise)

I need a nap!


Anonymous said...

sMy vacuum lives in the hallway most of the time now... for the very same reason!

[Pssst, Mr Renn: one of the secrets to a happy marriage is NEVER EVER coming home and asking a woman with small children "what she did with herself" that day! ;)]

Anonymous said...

Amen to Tracy's suggestion!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

David also learned that the hard way!:) I just let him spend a day by himself with the baby and he understood.:)

--jeff * said...

that is one of sir oliver's best pictures. i suspect the credit is due to the mother in raising him so well.

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