Friday, September 22, 2006

Mommy cliques and reasons to smile

I was invited to go for a walk this morning and I jumped at the chance. Yeah! Outside! Physical activity! Social interaction! It was good for me. Sir Oliver wasn't as big of a fan, but when he threatened to find it intolerable he decided to sleep instead of scream, so all was well.
I'm beginning to notice some social chasms among the ladies here. There are definitely some groupies. I still don't know everyone's name - so I can't even begin to know where I'll fit best. I'm choosing to pretend the groupiness doesn't exist for the time being - ignorance is bliss and I'm still new enough to claim ignorance.
Sir Oliver was all smiles after his morning nap. Blurry versions here for you.


samunwritten said...

1. very attractive or delightful; charming:
2. worthy of being adored.

Anonymous said...

You know, I miss you! How weird is that? We've never met in real life, but now that you're so much farther away, I miss you!

Mommy cliques suck. You can totally avoid them- I've managed to for the most part- just be friendly with everyone, and if someone starts to kvetch, change the subject.

Have fun getting to know your new home! And Sir Oliver? Darling. Just Darling- he looks SO happy!

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