Friday, September 01, 2006


For starters, check out these cool photos of my cousin being a hummingbird whisperer.

I am getting all kinds of anxious about so many different aspects of this move that it's ridiculous. Call it a rather large trial of faith. My mortal mind cannot wrap itself around how we're going to make ends meet. And me, I'm a worryer - a really good, thorough one.

There is absolutely nothing that I can do right now, from here, about my situation. I feel stir crazy at best and I'm sure I'm totally hormonal and crazy. I NEED something CONSTRUCTIVE to do (besides hold my baby all day.... I'm sure that's constructive but it doesn't feel like it is on days like today.)

So I'm sitting on my worried hands, wishing Mr. Renn would turn his cell phone back on so that I can call him and we can read scriptures and pray.

My parents and siblings are taking turns grappling with the reality that Oliver is leaving in 10 days and that by the time they see him again he will look very different. I can tell when it's hit because various family members come out of nowhere and want to have Oliver to themselves for a few hours. In my current single-parent status I have no problem letting them take him until he gets hungry again.

AND.... what's the deal with tummy time? I have yet to have any success with this concept. Mr. Oliver does not like being laid on his stomach, and instead of cooing and lifting up his head, like he does when being burped, he digs his head into the ground and goes crazy pushing his legs. He literally starts scooting across the floor, and since rugburn on his forhead is sure to score him lots of points with the ladies.... um yeah. Chalk tummy time up as one big failure at this house.

Any suggestions for a failproof constructive success (with nearly immediate results) that I can try to feel good about myself?

Searching for a happy thought and all I'm coming up with is Chocolate Milk - so I'm going to go get some!

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