Monday, October 02, 2006

Grandparent stuff

Oliver got his Bumbo chair today. Lots of excitement there. He's still a little small for it, but it'll be a matter of days before he's ready. After Karen Russell raved about it we decided to try it out. We tried it out tonight and I recorded it(sideways), cold and all. (The sideways part was an accident) Not exactly a blockbuster, but great grandparent-fare... if you're willing to tilt your head.


Anonymous said...

How cute is that! I want to get a Bumbo for Peanut, but have yet to do so. What cute videos! I haven't learned yet how to post video on my blog. Something to check out, I guess.

Kristi said...

Let me know how the Bumbo works out for you. We might have to invest in one.

He is super adorable. I love his hair and his lips!

Isn't it the truth about grandparents? My girls have 3 sets and they are all long distance. We get threatening phone messages if we go too many days without a photo update.

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