Friday, November 17, 2006

Lookin' up

Between reading this and the many many times my mother has expressed concern over how my sarcasm comes across in writing, I'm taking a break to think thankful thoughts.

So, some things that make me happy and grateful:

Sir Oliver is cute and he thinks I'm the greatest

Sir Oliver is whole and well

We have a cozy place to live, and after weatherstripping the door we're able to forget that we have stairwell neighbors who smoke.

The apartment management is lax enough that I can hang things on the wall and paint

Sir Oliver has a fanclub back in Utah counting down the days to his return (instead of counting down the days to Christmas I might add)

Mr Renn has successfully landed a spot in dental school, which seems to be getting exponentially trickier each year

Mr Renn is actually enjoying dental school, finding his classes interesting and such

Despite the cigarette smoke issues, we have an abundance of nice neighbors

The weather has been pretty agreeable, even the rain has been pleasant - no cold spells yet

My Christmas cards are almost done

I live in a time where I can blog to stay sane...

there's more that I'm thankful for, but not more time to list it. My bosses (Mr & Sir) say it's time for me to be doing something else....


tracy m said...

I think you just might have the cutest baby ever.

samunwritten said...

Hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with sarcasm. It gets me through my day.
Without it, I might not be grateful for anything.

Anonymous said...

What a happy time of life, you know? I'm glad things are working out so well!

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