Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mix it up a bit

I found two cool blogs today: Sommer Designs and Tongue in Cheek they are both full of the sort of photos that make me happy.

My friend Jeff came out to visit me. Well he was actually out with his sister who was interviewing for graduate school, but he took the time to stop by and say hello. That was nice. Especially considering that my conversation skills were about on par with a turnip. This mommy thing has really turned my mind to mush. (Can I still be blaming things on hormones?) And I'm perfectly well aware of how this photo make my butt look, so don't feel guilty for thinking it.

We had some neighbors stop by today to see our Christmas decorations and visit. They are 20 weeks pregnant and just found out today they are having a boy. They'd been trying for a quite a while prior to this, so they are over-the-top excited about everything. It's fun to watch.

Sir Oliver took a total of 35 minutes of nap today. He kept bouncing back to wakefulness. I'm hoping that means he'll sleep better tonight, but my luck is usually not so good. Good thing he's cute!

Well, I'm off. I've got a lot to do with my precious late night minutes.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Thank you for the link and kind words about Tongue in Cheek!

Julie Q. said...

I like the way you described the "bouncing back to wakefulness" non-nap. The cuteness thing is totally a survival mechanism. It works pretty darn well and has saved our species from extinction.

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