Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I take it back, we are not slightly sick, we are gargantuanly sick. Something like the flu has arrived at our house and it's not pretty.
I'm trying to trudge on through the ickiness and get lots done, I only have a week left at home and then I'm off for Utah for Christmas (yeah for direct flights!). So today on top of dealing with a sick self and a sick Sir Oliver, I got most of my 60-some-odd Christmas cards ready for the mail, got hot cocoa mix and marshmallows made for the neighbors, checked the mail, made dinner, changed clothes at least 4 times (Sir Oliver is a puking machine today), mostly finished unpacking from our last trip, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, did dishes at least 3 times, washed 2 months worth of rubber stamps, refilled the ink in the printer, made the bed, and wrestled with Sir Oliver over napping for almost all day.

I'm totally pooped.

But I really did want to post about our nice Thanksgiving vacation. So here's an abbreviated version. We laughed at all the funny things our nieces said and did. I realized I really am a germ-phobe after all, but only when it comes to my baby. We ate well for the first time in a long time, since we haven't the funds to feed ourselves like we'd like. We visited Frankenmuth, a cool Bavarian village and hung out in the world's largest Christmas store (what is it with American's and "world's largest" anything?). We survived the very long drive there and back again, but only just barely.

In short, great time. I'd do it all again, but not tomorrow.



--jeff * said...


as i read your list of all the things that you accomplished while being a sick mother taking care of a sick sir oliver, i was most impressed and a little jealous of your aptitude.

if you ever question why you majored in film, your ability to perform a million tasks proves that your major taught valuable life skills.

Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Look at you go! And while your sick? Man, you are the woman! But rest tomorrow so you and Sir Oliver can get better, okay? I'm glad you got my card. We hang our on the back of the front door, too.

tracy m said...

ALL that and you're SICK too?? Wow, you super woman, you! Get better!

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