Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Keepin' busy

Yesterday was fun and insane. I woke up way too early to drive 90 minutes in the snow and rush hour traffic to listen to a lecture by my favorite professor. As fate would have it, I had been misinformed about the where and when of the whole thing and there was no lecture for me to listen to. Super-rats. I managed to pull together an awesome backup plan though, and got in an awesome visit with my friend Ari. (Fabulousness!) I found out about all kinds of rough spots in her life of late and wished I could have been a better friend while she was going through most of it. Occasionally I feel like shaking my fist at the heavens and wondering aloud why life can't be nicer to nice people.

Then I went to my Aunt's house to take over her kitchen for the day. We sort of worked it out that she would buy all the ingredients and I would cook and bake for her. It was fantastic for me, I could make whatever I wanted!

I made meatball subs for dinner, then walnut fudge, chocolate peppermint pinwheel cookies, and peppermint bark. I was hoping to get some Rosette cookies done too, but I ran out of time.

And all the while, Sir Oliver was oogled to his heart's content. Bliss.


hairyshoefairy said...

Love the pictures! Pretty goodies and cute kiddos.

--jeff * said...

for what it's worth, mark e.'s shins were kicked in front of dean.

it was the least i could do.

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