Saturday, December 30, 2006


Never do I feel more hormonal than when I have to board a plane and leave the familiarity of what used to be home. I've done better this time and the only person I've cried in front of is Mr Renn, who may not have been paying attention at the time anyway.

All the same, it is nice to spend a few moments with my boys in relative peace before the semester starts up again for Mr Renn. We've restocked our fridge (relatively) and are trying to grasp how much Sir Oliver has changed since he was here last. He's sitting up almost entirely on his own, sticking his feet in his mouth and sleeping much more soundly than he was those 3ish weeks ago. Crazy how fast these little people change!

So here is Sir Oliver saying goodbye to some of his favorite people, and Mr Renn showing Sir Oliver what the world looks like at night when you're a mile high.

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