Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Smell the Roses

Had a nice laid-back day yesterday. Not much running around (still some running around, can't get away from it). We hung out with Mr Renn's parents most of the day. Sir Oliver was beside himself with happiness.

And while he was having a ball, Sir Oliver also discovered some new talents. He never tired of de-socking himself then flinging said socks across the room. He can also squeal at pitches the human ear can barely handle and he's started roaring like a lion. I still haven't quite captured the roar, but the rest are here for your viewing pleasure:


hairyshoefairy said...

How cute is he!! The desocking is so cute. What a happy little guy.

tracy m said...

Get him some Robeez!! They are the only thing that stays on, and Abby, at least, hasn't figured out how to get them off. They worked for my boys too.

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