Monday, December 11, 2006

Social Etiquette for the Latter Days

In the midst of all my comings and goings on Sunday, my brother (formerly known as ...) had his baby blessed (Similar to a Christening). This meant that my family, immediate and extended, all headed toward the home of my brother's (former?) girlfriend (the mother of said baby) which was a place we had heard not many good things about. I was pretty darn nervous myself, and I assume others were apprehensive as well. But we all came anyway, good for us! I'm happy to report that everything went smoothly. Only kind words were exchanged within my earshot and we all left unscathed and without serious fear of leaving accidental offense in our wake.
The blessing itself was actually quite touching. (The former(?) girlfriend's dad gave it, which is a whole 'nother barrel of monkeys). There was a significant pause when he was more or less trying to say "listen to your parents and be an obedient child, only really don't listen to your parents if they continue to make poor choices because they aren't stellar examples so far...." Well, that's not what he said, but that's how I interpreted what was said.
Yup, I'm judgemental, in case you are condemning me for it. I really do try not to be. But it's really difficult to discuss such ambiguous relationships without coming across as judgemental. I've just tried several times to reword it and come to that conclusion. And I think it would be worse of me to breeze over such a significant event without mentioning it than to wrestle with it a bit and come off as a flawed sister. I'd be a liar if I said I don't struggle with how to relate with my brother and with most of the aspects of his life. I don't envy my parents one bit.

Lighter note: Sir Oliver spent most of today with Renn's parents and I was in and out throughout his visit. (Mostly running my siblings all over the place to work and lessons) I tell you, this baby has some adoring grandparents, and it makes me glad.

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Unknown said...

I've popped into your blog a few times since our baby boys are around the same age.

Your entry today resonated with me. When our baby was blessed, it was beautiful but pretty typical: choice family, gospel, missionary work, health, etc.

There was another little boy who was blessed right afterwards, the son of a less-active sister and her non-member boyfriend (who is now taking the discussions). His blessing basically talked about how rough his life was going to be and how he needed to be the glue to bring them together. It was a sobering blessing and made me grateful for my own family's solid foundation.

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