Thursday, December 07, 2006


Shhhh, my boss is sleeping. Sir Oliver is not a very deep sleeper, as sleepers go. My MIL suggests that I run the vacuum after he's down for a nap so that he gets used to noise and sleeps through it. I'm afraid I'm too gutless for that just now. So tiptoe-ing it is.

It's always a touch surreal being in your parents' house when you are a parent. All sorts of subconscious roll-reversal stuff going on. I'm the child, no wait I'm the parent, no wait I'm confused. At least that's me talking from my extremely limited experience.

We (me, myself, I, and the imaginary conversations I have with Sir Oliver) are uber anxious for Mr Renn to join us. I hate being a single parent, even for short periods of time. As much fun as it is to have Sir Oliver be oogled, the majority of my person thinks I might have made a mistake leaving Mr Renn all alone to face his first Dental School finals. No offense to anyone, but no amount of extended family oogling can take the place of a daddy. As much as everyone thinks they love Sir Oliver, Mr Renn loves him more. So we miss him, and I am mentally holding my breath until he gets here. Hoping he remembers to eat and sleep between tests.

Despite all the hype of family, I'm still spending my days all alone with Sir Oliver, only now in a bigger house. Everybody still has school and work and their own lives. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I'm the teensiest bit disappointed. Part of my vain imaginations included an endless stream of adoring arms wanting to hold my baby and let me rest/shower/do my hair and makeup....things I don't normally get to do.

(Sir Oliver just woke up from that INSANELY SHORT NAP)

Hmm... here I sit still unshowered at 3 in the afternoon. Maybe I should have showered instead of blogging..... but he would have woken up before I'd have had a chance to finish anyway.

And that, will be my negative post for the week. From here on out I'm working on my positive outlook.


tracy m said...

I hear you on the neurosis of being home and being a parent too- I'm working on my fifth year, and still haven't figured it out, but I'm always nutso by the time I leave! And I have vowed NEVER to travel without my husband again- for the very same reasons you give...

And I get that teensie little disappointment too, when no one lets me shower or eat alone... ah, the things we never knew we were going to miss...

By the way, I absolutely love seeing pictures of Sir O in little outfits my boys wore, too. A tiny little happiness for me- thanks.

Anonymous said...

I second the weirdness of being home with a baby and the frustration of not being allowed to do things alone. Sometimes NYDD takes Peanut and lets me eat by myself, but it doesn't happen very often cuz he's either not home or studying. Sir O is so darn cute!

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