Sunday, January 28, 2007

buttons, bells, and whistles

Mr Renn and I just switched cell phone providers in order to get on my parents' family plan and save $10/month. (No stress- our phone numbers haven't changed). In the process we also got new cell phones for the first time in.... well....

They weren't exactly bricks we were carrying around, but we sure weren't cool and confident whipping them out in public.
I'm blown away by how much phones have changed in such a short period of time. And I, sadly, am no tech-savvy lady. I fall faster and further behind every day. It will be quite some time before I figure out how to do everything my new phone is capable of. And by then... well, the phone I have will probably be old and uncool again. Who can keep up with this stuff?

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--jeff * said...

i got my first flip phone a year ago--life is totally different. having a flip phone really does make you so much cooler.

we had another film-student-reunion thing last night. quite fun, but not the same without you and sir oliver there.

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