Monday, January 01, 2007

I resolve

Oliver's toothy #1 is pushing its way on through. He is constantly wiping his nose on my shirt and sticking anything he can find in his sad little mouth. And his cry sounds so tired that it is just too much for a mamma's heart to bear. Not fun.

But I'm searching my mushy mom brain for (realistic) ways I hope to improve this year. I know my goals ought to be concrete and specific, but I don't need to share them in that form with the world at large. You get the abstract and vague version.
  • I will try to remember how fast babies grow, and not assume anything about Sir Oliver will be the same on any given tomorrow - thus trying to enjoy how he is just now, any right now.
  • I will sleep more, whenever I can.
  • I will write more letters, emails, cards, and blog comments to people I like and whose correspondance I hope to hold on to.
  • I will substitute worrying myself sick about money with spiritual pursuits. I think sometimes all I need is a little perspective.
  • I will try my best to be the best version of myself as Sir Oliver's mamma and Mr Renn's wife.
  • I will overcome my irrational scaredy-cat social backwardness and make more friends in PA.
  • I will organize my time in advance, and not beat myself up when things don't go quite the way I had them mapped out.
  • I will stop being (as) scared of people or situations that make me uncomfortable.
  • I will think positive thoughts and speak positively without fear of seeming sappy or trite.
  • I will try to minimize the sarcasm that occasionally makes itself at home in my head.
  • I will take more pictures of everyday moments.


tracy m said...

Yay Em! What wonderful resolutions- boy if those are the vague ones, you're really something else! And you can never go wrong taking lots of snapshots...

hairyshoefairy said...

What a cute little guy you have there! Peanut's fist tooth has emerged and she's learning not to wield it on my poor nipple. *ouch!*

I like your resolutions. I'm still organizing mine. Hopefully I'll be able to post them tomorrow.

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