Saturday, January 27, 2007

Nothing Much

Okay, so I disappeared for a bit.

Um, sorry.

It seems right when I made my determination to be a happier person who doesn't whine so much (have you read the VT message?) life gave me some lemons. Remote far away ones, but still. Being far away from the lemonage doesn't seem to make them any less sour.
So how do I send me some sugar 2000 miles away? Yeah, I'm working on it.
My Grandma had surgery yesterday for an unexpected tumor -breast cancer. My cousin got sent home from his mission in Mexico because he has a salmonella strain of typhoid. Another cousin on a mission broke his hand. My brother (formerly the disaster)'s son has been diagnosed with asthma at 8 months old. And for a few days there we thought I might be pregnant (but I'm not).
Just little-ish things that add up to feel like one giant big thing.
Plus mountains of pukage at our house this week. Mr Renn got even sicker than I did. Luckily we have recovered entirely, all that remains is for me to scour the bathroom again and get any stray puke.
Sir Oliver got his first flu shot on Thursday, and he didn't even cry. I braced myself for sad baby tears and he didn't even flinch. I suppose that could be a tender mercy?


tracy m said...

Oh, Em! Little things? Cancer, Typhoid, broken bones, Asthma and a possible pregnancy? LITTLE??

You have the best outlook of any person I have ever heard of!!

A friend of mine has this saying painted in her kitchen:

"When life gives you lemons, smile politely, then when life isn't loking, throw them away."

samunwritten said...

*Hugs* Don't you hate it when life starts life-ing at you?
Hang in there, you'll pull through!

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