Monday, January 22, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Okay, Spring is far far away, but I have been doing a lot of deep cleaning (read: overhaul of entire apartment), mostly out of boredom. It's way too cold to go out unnecessarily, so I totally emptied our large hallway closet and re-arranged things, then I scoured the bathroom, getting rid of years and years of rust and lime buildup. I ironed all the curtains, re-arranged my kitchen, alphabetized books and movies, got "caught up" on birthday cards (sorry to those with birthdays between October and now who got missed, by the way).
All of that is well and good, but it's not filling the bottomless pit of boredom. The other night I had a hankering to look into a master's program and allowed myself to do some research. That was a bad idea, I was up half the night trying to think up a way I could make it all work, but between Sir Oliver and our financial situation, there's just absolutely no way to justify it right now. It would sure be nice to just attend a night class and hear a few mind-stimulating lectures though, I will continue to look for a workable situation. Some dreams die hard.

Mr Renn and I had an interesting conversation last night. Mr Renn hypothesized that shy people make better friends in the long run. He deduced that the cause of shyness (relative to un-shy people) is that shy people are looking to invest more of themselves into the relationships they form, and are thusly more cautious about forming those relationships(also more afraid of a relationship failing). And their relationships take longer to "bloom" for the same reason. But once the relationship is formed it is rock-solid and immoveable.
I don't know if this is a true generalization, but it is sure true for me. So maybe my husband was just describing me to myself in the abstract as some sort of post-modern existantial pep-rally. Either way it was a great late-night adult conversation. And as we all know, adult conversations are more precious than gold to a Stay-At-Home-Mom(SAHM).

Sir Oliver has started gumming the air lately. Mr Renn thinks it looks like he's bobbing for imaginary apples in the air. Imagine a babies face when they are saying "raar raar raararararar" only no sound coming out.
We're really hoping this tooth pops soon.

So, plenty of dull but precious moments at our house.


hairyshoefairy said...

So funny! I was just looking at education opportunities today online! It makes me hungry for school. Another someday. . .

I can see Mr Renn's theory of shyness being true for many people. Interesting.

KMJ said...

In part I agree with Renn, but sometimes super-outgoing people have only shallow friendships for the same reason.

Anyhow, perhaps you are channeling my Chinese vibe, since I've been new year cleaning too. You're supposed to start the new year with a clean and organized house, which is all somehow good fortune and feng shui connected.

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