Friday, March 16, 2007


It feels so good to make something with my own two hands,
even if I'm terribly slow at it.

And I'm afraid all the photos of Sir Oliver are going to look like this for a while:

Good times at our house. He positively lunges toward the camera when he sees it!

After raining all night and all morning, it started snowing. So there is a 2" sheet of ice under a blanket of snow and it's covering everything everywhere. It took Mr Renn 3 hours to get home from school today. We are so glad that we can cancel all of our plans for tomorrow and stay home and be snuggly and cozy.

Sending you all cozy thoughts.


hairyshoefairy said...

Oh, Em! That quilt turned out beautifully! LOL. We have a bunch of photos like that, too. "what a cool thing - I must touch it."

Anonymous said...

good job on the quilt! over here in utah it's about 75 degrees, we're feeling the effects of glbal warming and seeing how i want to save the world, i'd rather be having the snow rightnow.

Brittany said...

You got that quilt done fast! Glad to see that things are somewhat looking a little brighter.

pepper said...

Impressive quilt. It's warm here...cozy seems nice.

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