Saturday, March 24, 2007


Oui - I'm such a klutz. I was trying to hurry and make these yesterday(I'm a total copycat, and not even a very good one):

when I accidentally did this:

Yup, that's one more sewing machine needle that I broke, by putting it right through my finger - nail and all...

gifted indeed

Happy thought: last night I magically ended up having a long girlie talk with some of my neighbors. We were up until at least 1:30 and it was marvelous. For whatever reason it is so much easier to have meaningful conversations after bedtime. And I don't get them in abundance these days, so it was precious.

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samunwritten said...

OUCH! That makes me think of home ec in junior high. I remember us stupid little 8th graders trying to sew. I know the sewing needle through the finger episode happened more than once. Luckily never to me though.
I'm cringing for you.

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