Thursday, March 15, 2007

Morning, and we're still here

It was nice to feel the sun coming out this morning after a long, cleansing night of rain. I love it when rain confines itself to night. It seems to fit there better, and it makes for glorious mornings.

Yesterday was rough. We kind of got bombarded with sad news on all fronts. It was the sort of day when you almost implode with sadness. My 18 yr brother went to school yesterday morning and found out that one of his close friends, from whom he was currently a bit estranged, had died in a motorcycle accident the night before (no helmet). He's experiencing crazy intense grief and having a hard hard time making sense of it all, on top of which he's blaming himself for a lot of things that just don't lend themselves well to blame. He and this friend had parted paths for good reasons, the kid was really struggling and had a tendency to cause his friends to go down with the ship when they tried to help him..... such a difficult and sad situation in so so many ways.
Still trying to find the best way to be a good support for my brother through all of this when I'm so so far away.
Also trying to find ways to be a good support for my grandmother while she goes through chemotherapy while I'm so so far away.
And there was more sad, personal news from some family that I guess Mr Renn saw coming, but I didn't. Sometimes I'm just naive as can be. And I get so sad so easily.
Sir Oliver had a rough night, but this morning his fever seems to be breaking. He's such a good sport for how awful he must feel, I could learn a thing or two.
Here's to a clean slate of a morning, may today be a kinder, gentler day.


hairyshoefairy said...

Sending good vibes your way to help you deal with not-so-fun stuff. Thank goodness for cleansing rain. It always helps me feel like I can make it after all.

Brittany said...

I hope the sunshine there keeps the day calm for you. You have such a good perspective on things. I read about your brother's friend in the paper. Sorry to hear about that at such a young age. Such a tough thing for anyone to deal with.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I hope you have a better day. Life always hits us with tough things when we least expect it. I love ya!:)

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