Monday, March 26, 2007

Small Wonder

First a cute photo of my sleeping boys, because they are cute when they sleep.

AND we planted some basil and crossed our fingers and said some prayers, and look what happened!
We never had any luck with basil in Utah, so here's hoping the PA climate works better and we are able to actually use this lovely stuff in the kitchen.


Brittany said...

Mmmm, I LOVE fresh basil, I've never thought to grow it myself. Good luck, hope it turns out. Cute cute picture of the sleeping boys. Looks like things are sunny there!

Clay said...

Renn... you're a great man. I look up to you a lot. Thanks for being a good example


Unknown said...

How cool! I had my hubby plant me a fresh herb garden last year (basil included). It sprouted wonderfully...however I kept forgetting I had it and continued to buy it from the store. Drove my hubby nuts!

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