Sunday, April 01, 2007

Monday Makeover Madness

No, I'm totally serious. I'm giving myself a complete makeover. But I'm going to go about this my own way.
I figure if I'm going to be thorough, I need to start at the beginning.
Monday is now officially makeover day and I will let you know my new goals and projects for the week.

This week here's the scoop:

1) - I will get more sleep.
After having more than 2 people comment to me this week that lack-of-sleep-ness takes a toll on ones face, I have determined that my lack-of-sleep-ness must be pretty evident in the photos of myself. SO.... my plan for the week is to go straight to bed once Sir O is finally down for the night, and to give myself permission to take 1 nap each day. That will sound totally silly to some, and outrageously difficult to others (who know me well).... nevertheless it's my goal and it's out there for the world to see.
2) - I will drink more water.
Especially since I'm still a nursing mom.... I'm sure I need to be drinking more than I have been. But the very facts that I neither know how much water I should be drinking, nor how much I actually am drinking are pretty disconcerting. 32 oz hospital mug of lemon-water here we come!

I'm hoping that between my two goals for the week I can get some spring back in my skin's step. Besides, those are two things that no amount of superficial cosmetic junk can compensate for.

Wish me luck!


tracy m said...

Well, I think you look pretty anyway, but more sleep and more water are something we all could do with. Good luck!

hairyshoefairy said...

I think you're pretty anyway, too. And I think I need to join you in this more sleep more, water thing.

--jeff * said...

em, when you mentioned that you were giving yourself a 'makeover' a part of me saddened--i've always thought you above all the superficial fuss and muss.
hearing that your makeover invovles good rest and plenty of water, i smiled.
you are great.

and i think you look great, too.

Brittany said...

How is it going so far? I keep a cup of water next to me at my desk all day long, and found it wasy to drink 6 or 7 glasses a day. Hopefully, you can keep a water bottle close by, and when you have a sec, take a sip. It really does work! Keep us posted on the effects.

PS. Sorry to hear about the conference technical difficulties. The things we take for granted!

aLi said...

EM! I couldn't help but notice you posted on April Fools Day. Not that I doubt you, for even a TINY second! I wish you luck. The water thing has been AMAZING for me! In many MANY ways, besides the fact that it helps to feed my baby... I am still a nursing mama, too :).

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