Thursday, April 05, 2007

The terrible truth of it

Sir Oliver is teething in a big way. Tantrum-diarrhea-refusing to sleep for 30 to 40 hour stretches.... that sort of teething. I think that there is not enough baby Tylenol in the house to last us through another day of this.

And I think I picked an awfully ironic time to try to sleep more.

Cursed teeth! Oh wait..... I suppose a future dentist's wife shouldn't say things like that.

Ah, let us reflect on happier times..... (haven't taken any new photos of Sir O since the constant wailing began.... should I have?)


Katie May said...

oh boy, can I sympathize with you right now! I'm sooo sorry. :(

Deena said...

Oh man. I am so sorry. You should make sure that you have enough mama Tylenol in the house so you can get through it.

I say definitely take a few pictures. Everyone tells me to take pictures of the bad times too--just to use as blackmail/guilt trips/whatever. I'm not sure if it would work--I don't think it would have worked on me--but I think we should all have some embarrassing pictures in the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

aLi said...

EM! I am so sorry for you!!! (I know you've already heard it twice, but still, every little bit helps, doesn't it?) I wish you the best of luck getting through it.
p.s. thanks for your comment, I really appreciated it! It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there with that struggle within one's self. And, about the accepting comments thing, it took me a while to find how to turn it on! I'm still exploring how to do this and that!

Anonymous said...

I know this will come out of left field... But try giving Oliver frozen french fries. I know, I know, but they won't hurt him, they will mush and the cold will help ease the torment that his mouth is going through.

I was teethed on frozen fries, my two little sisters, my neice and my son.

And they are actually not bad.

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