Thursday, May 24, 2007

Baby Days

I got this book: Baby Days from the Library and I have fallen in love with it. Page after page of ideas of what to do with your baby (besides squatting him in front of yonder TV).... and by and large these ideas are realistic. (And you can buy a used copy for as little as 63 cents... I'm all over that one!)

Here's a peek at Sir O and I enjoying one idea.... "paint" your baby with a wet paintbrush. It is DANG HOT here today, and we are still resisting the urge to use A.C., so this activity was perfect. Granted, Sir O eventually dumped the cup of water on the floor, but it wasn't very full to begin with, so no biggie.

We also took another walk today; the continual struggle to NOT WATCH TV.
This is a struggle I lose at some point almost every day, but I'm trying, dang it!


Chantele Sedgwick said...

I try not to let Caden watch too much t.v., but sometimes I cave and let him watch just so I can get something done! I have a little game I made out of the metal frozen juice lids that Caden loves! (We get a ton of juice from WIC, so I just save up all of our lids!) I put 2 of the same stickers on 2 different lids and turn them into a little matching game! Caden has about 15 different lids to match together. I got little animal stickers and winnie the pooh, mickey mouse, and car stickers and he has so much fun matching them together. Sir O is a little young for this, but you can start saving up now. It is cheap and a cute fun idea.

Deena said...

I've been wondering what to do besides wrestle on the floor and toss toys around. Thanks for the good idea. I'm going to look for a copy now.

aLi said...

Em- I happened to go to the library yesterday, so I followed your example and checked that book out! So far I've let Conrad listen to classical music while he plays on the floor, he seems happy. Or maybe it's because I gave him a ton of Tylenol to ease his teething pain. Hmmm, either way, I'm getting success!

Anonymous said...

good for you for trying. i know that i am much better off because we decided to cut the cable about five years ago. we watch movies now and it's a much better thing to do instead of just plopping down and and watching whatever is on because it's on. good for you.

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