Friday, May 11, 2007

Delving a bit

Realizing it's been a while since I said anything particularly intelligable. So I'm going to default to that in which I've been most extensively trained.

I recently netflixed Monster House (Sony animation).... and was really surprised by it. Mostly I was surprised that it was made at all. We seem to live in an age of the sanitization of the traditional fairy tale. For an animated film to actually create a scenario in which children were legitimately in harm's way, and all the freudian layers that subsequentially follow, was rather remarkable to me. I wasn't particularly impressed with the animation, or by the artistic decisions (which was a bummer, since those were what drove me to watch the film in the first place). But the film had a genuine Grimm-esque feel to it, and that I really kind of liked. But then again, I'm the girl who got all giddy over The uses of Enchantment.


Ketsy said...

Just thought I would you let you know that I was interested in the blog behind the name and opinions. Good to see someone preparing food for their bebe, rather than relying on Nestle nee Gerber. Hope to see you in more riveting cyber-conversations.

hairyshoefairy said...

I'm adding that book to my reading list. Thanks, my fellow Faerie Tale Theatre enjoyer!

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